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Who Are We?

Established by David Calder, Managing Director in Cwmbran, South Wales in 1982.

"I was apprenticed to Lucas from the age of fourteen and worked for them for over 20 years, ending up as Senior Production Engineer and travelling worldwide.

I loved my time with Lucas but it wasn’t quite enough – I needed to know whether I could make it on my own.

I started my Company with £25 from Lucas, I had a bench, some files and a hacksaw in a 500 sq ft factory unit in Cwmbran, South Wales which is where I was brought up.

Working over 100hrs a week for many years, I knew I didn’t want an ordinary machine shop and today my Companies Ironspray and Electrospark are anything but ordinary.

Ironspray is currently headed by my daughter Elizabeth Calder and Electrospark is headed by Jean Skidmore. We are a team of highly skilled, specialized engineers, who produce innovative, appropriate and quality solutions to a whole world of engineering applications"

- David Calder


Need more information about our products and services? Call us on +44 (0) 1633 872024 or use our Online Catalogue to request a quote.